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The Forbidden Fruit

Written by Ann LeFlorefor a poetry challend on The Gooseberry Garden.  The challenge: As you are aware that this week we are going to touch upon history and biblical story of Adam and Eve. By the time I had seen this they had the challenge closed. I am just posting this for everyone to read.

The Forbidden Fruit

Adam and Eve
As we all know
Lived in a Garden
As we are told

The paradise
Created for them alone
Adorn the beauty
For them to see

The life so giving
So free
Until one day
The serpent sliders in

Wrapping himself
Around the forbidden tree
Hiding and waiting
For the two to see

Taunting and teasing
Hissing and challenging
Them to touch this tree
Eve alone returns to see

The colored serpent
Promising to be
The world to see

Just take one bite
He begs and pleads
You will see the light

The fruit is not poisonous
You will see
It shows the world
As it has to be

The fruit gives life
For all who partake
Brings into the world
A new found glory

God will not mind
He told me so
He sent me here
To tell you so

Eve reaches forth
To touch the tree
The fruit so inviting
It electrifies her eyes

She stares at the sparkle
As she begins to touch
The serpent coaches Eve
Touch your lips

You will see
The bite is waiting
For you to take
The sweetness for you will see
Shows the beauty

Of the world you see
You are free I promise you
The world before your eyes

Now run and take Adam
To be by your side
Feed him the fruit
The love can be yours

The untold secrets
Are yours to hold
Eve runs off
In a frantic flash

To bring back Adam
To show him the tree
Adam makes his dash
To save poor Eve from this awful fate

The serpent forked tong
The truths untold lies
The world is not safe
For Eve outside

Adam finds Eve
The innocence creature no more
Eve hides her eyes
As Adam stands by her side

Afraid to see his naked beauty
Of the man she so loves
The serpent has lied
Evil is before her eyes

This was not God’s plan
What has she done
Adam afraid to leave Eve’s side
Indulges in the devil
And takes one bit

God appears before their eye
His hurt can be seen
Before their eyes
God speaks to the two

You are free the evil awaits you outside
You have partaken of the forbidden tree
Now your eyes
See the world as it must be

Cover your self
Run and hide
Protect each other
As you live outside

This is God’s wish
It has to be
For Adam and Eve
Showed us the world
How it’s meant to be