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Cycles of Life

At sixteen we were so in loveCycles of Lffe
It was like you were my right hand glove
The world was so grand
As we stood hand in hand

At seventeen our love grows strong
Oh boy did we go wrong
From innocence to parenthood
In one single night

As you took my hand
You promised to love me in this new land
At midnight the time had come
To bring forth this new life

At the age of two
She ties her shoe
You walk out the door
To return no more

At the age of four
You swore you would return
As you boarded the plane
How was I to explain

At the age of six
The phone starts to ring
Your voice is so proud
You are sitting on a cloud

As your words echo in my ears
Oh how my eyes flood with tears
You have a new angel
To take over the years

At the age of ten
I stop to pick up the pen
The phone rings once again
I let you back in

Just like before
You are not here no more
At this time I swore
I could take no more

The years have come
The years have passed
You no longer ring
And come to my backdoor

Twenty six to be exact
Since you rang last
Now out of my long forgotten past
You are calling at long last

You reflect back on the past
Thirty six years to be exact
To the day your angel was born
Oh how you blew your horn

After these years of long last
You want to be part of her past
You have returned once again
Oh when will I learn

The memories start to flood within
Oh how my head starts to spin
How can I ever win
I know not how to begin

As in the past you knock at my door
My head starts to spin, my eyes start to pour
Twenty six years have long past
I have been your long lost outcast

Just as before
You ring once more
You want to knock at my backdoor
I am so tired to fall on the floor

At first you are grand
You take my hand
I am here now in my new land
I need to take my stand

The lock on the door is frozen
It is not me the key is chosen
Yet another has entered your life
To one day be your new wife

I am only the key to your long lost past
You have to talk to me at long last
You want to find what you have lost
I am just here for you to toss

You ask my help to find her now
To vow your love
For a time long past
Oh what do you think it can never last

She now is thirty six
And the years have past
She has grown up at long last
She has forgotten her looking glass

To knock at her backdoor once again
To finally pick up the pen
To write your words
In hope you will be heard

When she was small
She needed you to call
As for the years past
She forgot you at long last

She stopped to cry
And ask me why
She finally had dry eyes
For now she won the prize

Her life is complete
Her children are so sweet
Her love is so deep
She has a family to keep

Thirty six years at long last
Take a look into your past
The angel that was once there
Is only your lost prayers

If  she opens the backdoor
Stop before you step on the floor
Think of what you want
Then gain her confidence

If you walk out once more
This will be war
Never call again
Never stop by her backdoor

Written by Ann LeFlore


Mirror of Truth

Written by Ann LeFlore; for Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 9; Longing, Loss, Loosing and Failure. I wrote this poem not of myself but of all women who are abused and feel like they have failed in their life. Women who feel like it is their fault that they are abused and hurt by the ones they love. I had a friend who tried to hide the abuse from her husband for many years until one day she was so badly beaten she could no longer hide this fact. After years of abuse she finally had the courage to pick up the broken pieces of  a  failed life and love and start over again. But in her new life the scares are still there for her to see. She can not run and hide from the past but she sure can start over and make a new life for herself.

Mirror of Truth

I stepped through the looking glass
A journey way into my past
The days before the darkness arose
The time before you started your blows

The sun shined bright and clear
I started my life without a fear
The mountain spread through the valleys
The rivers flowed throughout the lands

Life was so new and still so grand
Until the day you took my hand
You started off with small demands
First it was just one slap of your hand

The days turned into years
The nights I lay and shook with fear
Afraid to see what you had done to me
The blood that spilled I was afraid to see

With a dynamic hit of your hand
You sent me into another land
The blood seeped from my broken skin
I knew this day I could never win

 The years are gone at last
The memories are only of the past
I drug myself off the ground
To close my eyes and follow the sound

I rose up from the ruins of my life
I swore I would never be your wife
The years have come and the years have gone
But in my minds images are the scares from you

Sitting here in front of the glass
I look deep into my past
Realizing I am free at last
My journey now starts down a new path

The Bird of Love

Written by Ann LeFlore; forGooseberry Garden: Poetry picnic week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around. The Tahitian Red Bird is a scared bird on the islands of Tahiti.  The Tahitians call the red bird Teheura which mean the scarred bird of love. The legends of the islands say the red bird features will protect the King and the love of the lands. In ancient times the features of the red bird Teheura were used to make the head dress, belt, and lance the King carried. A special ceremony dance was preformed by the Arioii during the ceremonies on the Marae. The Marae was the place of worship for the Tahitian people before the missionaries came to the islands. My boyfriend was named after the Tahitian red bird and one day when we were sitting on our terrace one flew to us. My boyfriend held the bird in his hand and we knew that the Gods of the islands had blessed us and our love for each other. Since this time we have passed many happy years together on the islands of Tahiti. This poem is written and dedicated to my boyfriend Teheura the red bird of love in my heart.

The Bird of Love

The warm islands sands under my feet
The taste of the salt air oh so sweet
I sit on the shore in the warm islands heat
Thinking of the times how my heart use to beat

The days so long ago but so far in the past
I found my home at long last
Drawing pictures on the sandy shore
I think of where I was before

The bird in the sky catches my eye
The flash of red as it flies by
Sitting here mesmerized by the sky
My heart begins to sore oh so high

It flies across my path the little red bird
The images flash by with my vision blurred
Comes to land and sit by my side
Oh this little tiny red bird of love

Closing my eyes and laying in the warm sand
Dreaming of a time in a far away land
Images dance before my eyes
You wake me by the touch of your hand

The little red bird has transformed into a man
This new life has just began
With a touch of your hand
You are here for me to be in this new found land

The people say when the red bird sits by
That love has no where to hide
You came to me from the sky
Telling me you saw me through the birds’ eye

You swooped down to be by my side
You tell me how you are filled with pride
Your love was sent from the heaves above
To cherish me and be my love

Oh this tiny red bird of love
Was sent to me from the heaven above
The man that has come before my eyes
Was sent to me with all his pride

You came to beach to capture my heart
To hold me close and never let me part
You folded your arms around me there
And away we flew in the air

Our love soars so high each day
I knew you were sent to me in this way
I saw the bird of love just for me
And the years past are one with thee

Thank you “The Poetry Palace Thursday Post Rally Week” for the Perfect Poet Award
I nominate The Red Raven for the next award

Remember the Years

This poem is written by Ann LeFlore. She wrote this to her daughter after she put her on a plane to go toAmericato her Grandparents home for school. It was the first time in 18 years that they were separated. Ann lives on theislandofTahitiin French Polynesia and her daughter wanted to go to College inAmerica.

Remember the Years

Sitting here remembering the years
The roads we went down filled with fears
The river that we filled with tears
The dreams we shattered throughout out years

I’ve seen the peddles of flowers falling to the floor
The waves of the ocean breaking on shore
I’ve travelled lands so far and yet so near
I’ve sat and listened to the wind blowing in my ear

I’ve seen the stars falling from the sky
I’ve soared so high I thought I’d die
I’ve seen so much of the world through my eyes
But when I sit and dream of the years

There is no tears that I can cry
The rivers are now dry
The stars shine so bright in the sky
The days are filled with warmth and delight

 The shadows have left the night
There is only brightness and light
You are always a part of my flight for life
And you need to know where ever I go
My thought will always be with you

A New Life Begins

Written by Ann LeFlore

A New Life Begins

 A new life is just begun
The life before is almost done
So nervous as can be
A life has begun inside of me

 You came to me
Not knowing where I’d be
Your seed was planted inside of me
You started to grow from within
I felt your tiny heartbeat incased deep within
Your movements told me you were there
This new tiny seed inside of me starts to grow
I carry you where ever I go
This new life I now share with thee

 The day you wanted to arrive
The nerves and fears rose deep inside
This new life was ready to be
I pushed and pushed crying for thee
I struggled to set you free

 You entered the world with one big push
This one tiny seed inside of me
Your movement no longer inside of me
You cried with a new hope when you were freed
The day they lay you on top of me

 I look down upon thee
This little seed inside of me
I see the life support I gave to thee
Now it is time to cut thy cord
To release this tiny seed from inside of me

 I reach my hands to comfort thee
To cradle this tiny seed of mine
You move and cry from my one last push
You move you wiggle to be free
To no longer be the little seed inside of me

 I sit and look down upon thee
As you sleep beside of me
So tiny and so fragile
I have to protect my new born seed

 When you wake and cry from hunger
I gentle caress your tiny body
Placing you close to my heart and breast
To give you food to make you grow
Oh how I love this tiny new life
I grew from a seed


Deep from inside of me

The Milky Seas

Written by Ann LeFlore for Blue Bell Books Poetry short story slam week 9. Write a short story or poem on the image. Image credit: Art at

The Milky Seas

The crimson sun
Settles on the horizon
As she stands on the shore
Shading her eyes
As the boat sails
Towards the land

Holding in her hand
The lantern
For her lover to see
The light of the night

Her long silk gown
Ruffles in the wind
Clinging to her body
Flowing downwards
Towards the sand

Many years she stands on the shore
Looking, hoping, dreaming
Of this day
The ship returned from afar

Each night before she returns home
With lost hopes
As she leaves behind her
Letters in the sand
For her lover to read

Waiting for his return
On the lonely sea shore
The day he takes her hand
To sail across the milky seas

The ship draws near
She hears his cries
Singing from a blue
I’ve come to take your hand

The lands are old and grey
For many years I’ve been away
But my love for you
Can never change

Darling I’ve returned this day
To write your name
In the sand
For our love will never die

I will marry you this day
To take you to a land
So far away
To a world so newly born

For my love for you
Has never died
Though so many years away
Darling I’m older but a year

Hand in hand
We’ll write our names
In the sand
For your love so new to me

You and Me

Written by Ann LeFlore submitted to dVerse for Critique and Craft

You and Me

Here and now you have me
And in our destiny
it was meant to be
And come what may
I hope I have showed you the way

Tear down all the walls
And the hurts will go away
Open up and let people see
That you may be free

Living in the ocean of your sorrows
Will give you no tomorrows

God you are special to me
The love I have for you is in my heart
And it will never never part

When I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you in a very very special way
You mean so much to me
I wish our love could always be

But regardless of what will come
Remember here and now you have me
And in our destiny it was meant to be