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My Brothers Final Good Bye

The night was warm

My Brothers Final Good Bye

The summer heat filled the room

As I slept in a dreamless sleep

Too hot to cover up

Laying on my bed

Awakened by a cold chill

That turned my room to a mountain of fog

The cold arose off the floor

Engulfing the room where I slept

The chill filled my bones

As the image arose from the fog

Looming over me

Was my brother

Restored to his ever lasting beauty

The small child I protected

Cradled and loved

Arose out of the fog

A child no more

The beautiful man stood before me

Looking down where I slept

Coming to me on his last day

Before his soul was there’s to keep

He came to bid me farewell

Promising me that he hurt no more

Assuring me that his life was new

And he was scared no more

The fear in his voice was gone

His confidence was restored

This small child was a man

Who knew where he was to go

His time on earth was finished

He made his last good byes

Promising to be there when I needed him

Looking down from the stars above

He made me promise

To morn no more

He was healed from his pain

And his fears were washed away

He felt the peace he was afraid to see

He had seen the light

So shinny and bright

He knew the gate was open

Awaiting his return

He had found the garden

Where he would rest

The flowers were every lasting

Blooming beneath his feet

His steps were light

His life was new

He no longer suffered in pain

And peace had filled his veins

He bid me good bye

And made me promise not to cry

He said that he found his happiness

And was waiting for me on the other side

He promised he would be safe

I did not need to protect him there

He found love and peace

Happiness was all around him

He knew I would worry

And he made me understand

That where he was going

Someone else was there

To take care of him

For me

Written by Ann LeFlore. After returning to Tahiti my brother came to me to say good bye. He came to me in my room where I slept and sat beside me. He assured me he was fine and to not worry for him. He knew I mourned his passing and wanted me to know he was not scared anymore and he had found a peaceful place to rest.