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Octopus’s Garden In The Shade

Lazy summer afternoons at the bay fishing, cooking hotdogs on a stick, and roasting marshmallows. Each afternoon we

Octopus’s Garden In The Shade

would pack the children up in the van, a cooler full of lemonade, marshmallows, and fishing poles and head for the bay till the sun went down.

 I’m sitting on the blanket watching my 2 year old son play in the sand getting it all in his hair and mouth. My other children are running around and fishing with my husband. It is time to feed the hungry crowd and the two neighbors boys who joined us this evening.  Fishing was a big event in our household and especially with some of the boy who lived on our block.

 My husband passes by handing me his fishing pole as he goes to start the fire. Mind you I am no fisherman at all and I had no idea what to do with this pole. I just held it in my hand laughing at my son as he got more and more sand in his mouth, hair, and nose. He was an awful mess by now.

 Not paying much attention to the fishing pole I was more interested in my son. When out of the blue the line started to move and the pole jumped in my hands. I am frantic I have no idea what to do with this pole I am holding. I start screaming for my husband who is busy building a fire. He yells back you have nothing there do not worry. Leave it.

 I kept seeing the line go out and felt the tugging on the pole. I told him no really I have something on here. He started yelling directions at me to stand up and to push this button on the reel of the pole. I finally found what he was talking about and my line stopped moving. Now the end of the pole was bending down so far I thought it would break.

 My husband instructed me to start turning the reel and pulling up and down on the pole and I did as he instructed. I followed his directions and was able to bring my catch up on the beach. My husband comes running over to see what the big excitement was all about. When he arrived he finds on the end of my line a tin can. He rolls out the biggest laugh you have ever heard. He starts to untangle the line and get back his hook when he is stuck. He can not get it to move.

 Finally after playing with the line he releases what was inside the can to get out his fish hook. To our great surprise I did catch something on the end of the line. But it was not a fish it was a baby octopus inside an old tin can. My husband was laughing so hard at the big fish I had caught and said he was sorry he could not pan fry this one for me to eat.

 My children are laughing so hard, dancing around in a circle and chanting to me “I’d lie to be under the sea in an octopus’ garden in the shade. He’d let us in, knows, where we’ve been in his octopus’ garden in the shade. My four older children and two neighbor boys sang this song over and over again. They never let me live down the fact I caught an octopus instead of a fish that day.

 After dinner the children continued to fish with my husband till just before the sun went down. He handed my oldest daughter his fishing pole this time and said to her if I give it back to your Mom who knows what she will bring in next time. He left her and went to pack up the car.

 My daughter loved fishing and so did my son. They were there with the two neighbor boy on the beach fishing when all of a sudden my daughter is screaming so loud. The two boys and my son are holding on to her and the fishing pole. I go running down to the shore to see what is happening. Her pole is almost ripped out of her hands and what ever is on the line is dragging her and the other 3 along with it.

 I reached my daughter in time and between the three boys, my daughter and myself we held on to this fishing pole and it was dragging us up and down the beach. It was a sight to see 5 people holding onto one fishing pole and running up and down the beach trying to keep the pole from being pulled out of our hands. My husbands sees what is happening and comes running. He takes the fishing pole from us and starts to try and bring in the fish that is on the line.

 My husband works for over an hour moving up the beach and down again trying to tire out what ever is on the line. He works in reeling in this fish and brining it up on the beach. Finally after an hour the fish on the end of the line starts to tire and my husband is able to bring it up on the beach.

 My daughter is right there screaming so loudly that she trapped the monster of the sea. She said he came to get back his baby octopus. She was sure she had a sea monster on the end of her fishing pole.

 When my husband finally gets the fish on the beach it is nearly dark now. He finds on the end of his line a giant Bat Ray. My daughter had trapped a Bat Ray on the end of her line.

 This summer night was one of our more memorable fishing trips. My octopus in a tin can and my daughter’s sea monster were the highlights of that evening. Needless to say that night we did not get much real fishing in but had a lot of fun.