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Farewell My Three Legged Friend

Written by Ann LeFlore: for dVerse Open Link Night Week 14. I just recently lost my dog after 11 years. He was a special dog that had only three legs. Five years ago my boyfriend gave me a gift of a small ball of brown fur that had the biggest feet you ever did see. She was a mixture between a German Shepard and Rottweiler. She had the sad eyes of the Rottweiler and grew to be taller than my other dog weighing in at 63 kilo. She is a big dog and it was so much fun to watch her tell my other dog off when he did not come in from the river. Bandit is no longer with us and Naya is lonely and misses him so much. She walks around the yard looking for him and goes over to where his grave is and sits there all day long. This poem is written from Naya to Bandit to tell him good bye. It is a dogs perspective of a best friend.


Farewell My Three Legged Friend

When I came to your space
You kept me in my place
You showed me who was boss
But today I am at a loss

You were there all the time
Life with you was all so fine
Chasing coconuts in the lagoon
Watching you bark at the moon

 I was a small bundle of fur
You looked at me with a big gurr
Why did they bring me here
It was hell for you to endure

I grew up so fast and so tall
I was no longer afraid to chase the ball
When we swam in the ocean
I caused such a commotion

 When dinner was served at night
You always left me your last bites
When it rained you had your space
But you were always willing to share your place

 Now today I am so alone
I walk around to sit on your thrown
I go by your place where you are now
I duck my head and give you a bow

Farewell my three legged friend
I will always remember you till the end
I was your Queen and you my King
Until the end I will always wear your ring


My Three Legged Friend

Look at the dog

My Three Legged Friend

Three legged dog I do see

Happy as can be

Down by the sea

Swim my three legged friend

The coconut awaits you

Chase, retrieve

Bring back to me

The dog whines

He lets him go

Swim my friend

He points

Away he goes

One leg is gone

Does not slow him down

Off to the chase

Eyes on the horizon

The coconut floats above

Go my friend

Bring back to me

Nothing slows him down

Three legs or four

It’s the same as before

Swim for the chase

The prize floats before him

My best friend

My three legged friend

Snatches the coconut

Happy and proud

He wines out loud

Back to the shore

His teeth dug deep

The snatch he tries to keep

Swim my friend

Bring home to me

Praise is the reward

That waits on the shore

He begs for more

Another chase

Another prize

The dog is so proud

Three legs or four

One is gone no more

The dog rests by the shore

To chase no more

The three legged dog

By the sea

As proud as can be

Written by Ann LeFlore. A story for her dog in Tahiti. How he loves to swim and run on the beach in Paea. The lagoon that is across from their home.