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Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

    1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to his/her blog.
    2. Next nominate 15 bloggers for this award and notify them about the nomination.
    3. Finally, tell readers seven things about yourself.

I would like to thank Inside the Mind of  Isadora and also Tigerbrite’s Blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award on the same day. I was just nominated by Chim’s World of Literature; Chimnese Davids for this wonderful award. I would like to add her to the list and thank her very much for this wonderful award.

This is such an honor and I am speechless. My daughter loves the poetry blogs so much and really enjoys reading each of your blog. This was a surprise to both of us. Yes I do write on this blog site but my contribution is in short stories which I have not written in a few weeks. I am in hopes to get settled down again and write some more stories to post on this blog site. I have been trying to write for my cooking blog site and I am so behind on this blog site right now. I have to get back into my schedule again and write again for both blogs. Ann has been keeping this blog site going and love to write poetry and post it here on the blog. I just wish that we could add other names to this blog site but for the moment Word Press is not allowing us to do this. I also would love to thank you from Trinity and Caleb who are my Great Grandchildren and they have some wonderful poetry on this blog site. I enjoy the creative poetry that the two children write and I am so happy that Ann encourages them to write on this site.

I am thanking both of you from myself, Ann LeFlore, Trinity and Caleb. We are all so honored that you have chosen The Gateless Passage for this wonderful award. Thank you so much.

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Seven things about myself:

  1. I am a Great Grandmother of 2 wonderful great grandchildren; I have 4 grandchildren and a mother of 5.
  2. I have a cooking blog that my daughter set up for me to share recipes from my Great-Great Grandmother in Roby Texas.
  3. This is hard to try and explain about me and tell everyone how I deserve this wonderful award when the one who writes most of the pomes is my eldest daughter Ann LeFlore. She is the one who submits the pomes to different poetry sites and loves to comment on the different poems. She is a wonderful writer and normally writes technical manuals for data recover. It was Ann who created the Gateless Passage to share some of my short stories and advice on relationships. In doing this blog site she decided to try her hand at writing poetry, limericks, and some short stories. Ann has dyslexia and has learned to over come this handicap in her reading and writing because of a wonderful teacher she had that spent 5 years helping her. My two grandchildren Trinity and Caleb are encouraged to write poetry by Ann who loves to post their poems on this site.
  4. I will talk about Ann now considering it is her who should be accepting this award. I understand the blog site is in my name but Ann is responsible for all the poetry on this site and she loves working on this site. Ann is my eldest daughter who lives in French Polynesia Tahiti. She is a data technician and works on repairing and building computers. She does networking and has been traveling around working on computer networks all her adult life.
  5. My two wonderful great grandchildren Trinity and Caleb are such joys in my life and they love to write poetry.  Ann encourages them to write and loves to add their poems to the blog site here. Since school started the children have not been writing as much now but Ann wants them to write again for the blog site.
  6. I have been happily married now for 56 years to a wonderful husband
  7. I enjoy writing short stories about the events in my life and how my children blessed me throughout the years. I have some of these short stories on the blog here but most of the stories or poems on this blog belong to Ann that she has written.

I would like to explain to everyone that Ann LeFlore is my daughter. I am Sarah Johnston and Ann added the Gateless Passage to my cooking blog site Grandma Simpson’s Kitchen in Roby Texas. I have another blog site that Ann set up for me to write on. This site is called Blogging @ 76. I was trying to teach people how to blog at my age. Ann thought it would be fun to have a blog site to record my progress as a blogger. I am not very good at the technical writing and have not worked much on this site in a few months.  During the summer months I have not posted as many recipes on my cooking blog and I should be doing and need to get back to this now.

 I love the poems that Ann has written and I am just sorry it is not possible to have more than one name on these blog sites and my name appears first. I tried to get Ann to put the blog in her name but she did not want to. She travels and finds time to write poetry to keep her busy